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National Yang-Ming University
Courses to Ph.D. degree



                               Courses designed for Ph.D. of Science program    



Required Credits : 18



compulsory course(Credits)
mandatory course(Credits)
optional course (Credits)
Virology (2)
Microbiology & Immunology Tesching (1)


Advanced Immunology (3)


Microbiology & Immunology Seminar (1)

Scientific Communication (2)


Microbiology & Immunology research(1)

Genomic Science (3)

  Laboratory rotation (1)
Inflammation and Innate Immunity (2)
Bacteriology (2)

Microbiology & Immunology Seminar (1)

Stem Cell Biology (3)

Immunobiology (2)

Chinease Conversation I (0)

Epigenetic and Human Disease(2)

Molecular cell Medicine (2) Chinease Convercation II (0)

Current topics in immunology(2)

Experimental techniques for biomedical science (2)
Laboratory rotation (1)
This week in virology(2)
  Microbiology & Immunology Review (1)


Research Ethics (0)  
  • Enroll the following courses (at least 1 course): 
         1. “Experimental techniques for biomedical science” (2 credits) 、2. “Molecular Cell Biology”. (2 credits)
  • It is required to enroll the elective course “Laboratory Rotation” in the 1st year upon admission. (1 credit)
  • Students must enroll the elective course “Seminars in Microbiology and Immunology” for 10 semesters (end at 5th grade, before 6th grade). (10 credits)
  • International students must enroll the courses“Chinese Conversation level 1”and“Chinese Conversation level 2”. (0 credit, offered by Internatinoal Health Program).
  • Upon completion of courses:“Advanced Microbiology and Immunology– Immunology、Virology、Bacteriology”, and“Chinese Conversation levels 1,  2”, students must enroll the course “Teaching in Microbiology and Immunology” for 2 semesters. (2 credits)
  • Upon commitment to thesis advisor, students must enroll the course “Microbiology and Immunology Research” every 1st semester of the academic year.